CacheConcurrencyStrategy Cache concurrency strategy 
CacheModeType Enumeration for the different interaction modes between the session and the Level 2 Cache. 
CascadeType Cascade types (can override default EJB3 cascades  
FetchMode Fetch options on associations 
FlushModeType Enumeration extending javax.persistence flush modes. 
GenerationTime When should the generation occurs 
LazyCollectionOption Lazy options available for a collection 
LazyToOneOption Lazy options available for a ToOne association 
NotFoundAction Actoin to use when an element is not found in DB while beeing expected 
OnDeleteAction Possible actions on deletes 
OptimisticLockType Optimistic locking strategy VERSION is the default and recommanded one 
PolymorphismType Type of available polymorphism for a particular entity 
ResultCheckStyle Possible checks on Sql Insert, Delete, Update 
SortType Sort strategies 
SourceType Where should Hibernate retrieve the value from? From the database, or from the current JVM?