This package defines a framework for custom loaders that accept handwritten SQL


CustomQuery Extension point allowing any SQL query with named and positional parameters to be executed by Hibernate, returning managed entities, collections and simple scalar values. 
Return Represents a return in a custom query. 


CollectionFetchReturn Spefically a fetch return that refers to a collection association. 
CollectionReturn Represents a return which names a collection role; it is used in defining a custom query for loading an entity's collection in non-fetching scenarios (i.e., loading the collection itself as the "root" of the result). 
ColumnCollectionAliases CollectionAliases that uses columnnames instead of generated aliases. 
CustomLoader Extension point for loaders which use a SQL result set with "unexpected" column aliases. 
EntityFetchReturn Spefically a fetch return that refers to an entity association. 
FetchReturn Represents a return which names a fetched association. 
NonScalarReturn Represents some non-scalar (entity/collection) return within the query result. 
RootReturn Represents a return which names a "root" entity. 
ScalarReturn Represent a scalar (aka simple value) return within a query result.