Defines handling of the standard JDBC-defined types, as declared by java.sql.Types.

We omit certain JDBC types here solely because Hibernate does not use them itself, not due to any inability to provide proper descriptors for them. Known omissions include:

See for more information.


SqlTypeDescriptor Descriptor for the SQL/JDBC side of a value mapping. 


BasicBinder<J> Convenience base implementation of ValueBinder 
BasicExtractor<J> Convenience base implementation of ValueExtractor 
BigIntTypeDescriptor Descriptor for BIGINT handling. 
BinaryTypeDescriptor Descriptor for BINARY handling. 
BitTypeDescriptor Descriptor for BIT handling. 
BlobTypeDescriptor Descriptor for BLOB handling. 
CharTypeDescriptor Descriptor for CHAR handling. 
ClobTypeDescriptor Descriptor for CLOB handling. 
DateTypeDescriptor Descriptor for DATE handling. 
DecimalTypeDescriptor Descriptor for DECIMAL handling. 
DoubleTypeDescriptor Descriptor for DOUBLE handling. 
FloatTypeDescriptor Descriptor for FLOAT handling. 
IntegerTypeDescriptor Descriptor for INTEGER handling. 
LongVarbinaryTypeDescriptor Descriptor for LONGVARBINARY handling. 
LongVarcharTypeDescriptor Descriptor for LONGVARCHAR handling. 
NumericTypeDescriptor Descriptor for NUMERIC handling. 
RealTypeDescriptor Descriptor for REAL handling. 
SmallIntTypeDescriptor Descriptor for SMALLINT handling. 
TimestampTypeDescriptor Descriptor for TIMESTAMP handling. 
TimeTypeDescriptor Descriptor for TIME handling. 
TinyIntTypeDescriptor Descriptor for TINYINT handling. 
VarbinaryTypeDescriptor Descriptor for VARBINARY handling. 
VarcharTypeDescriptor Descriptor for VARCHAR handling.