This package defines a runtime metamodel for entities at the object level and abstracts the differences between the various entity modes. It is unaware of mappings to the database.

(This package is still undergoing maturation and will change over the next few months.)


Instantiator Contract for implementors responsible for instantiating entity/component instances. 
Tuplizer A tuplizer defines the contract for things which know how to manage a particular representation of a piece of data, given that representation's EntityMode (the entity-mode essentially defining which representation). 


Dom4jInstantiator Performs "instantiation" based on DOM4J elements. 
ElementWrapper Wraps dom4j elements, allowing them to exist in a non-hierarchical structure. 
EntityModeToTuplizerMapping Centralizes handling of EntityMode to Tuplizer mappings. 
IdentifierProperty Represents a defined entity identifier property within the Hibernate runtime-metamodel. 
PojoInstantiator Defines a POJO-based instantiator for use from the tuplizers. 
Property Defines the basic contract of a Property within the runtime metamodel. 
PropertyFactory Responsible for generation of runtime metamodel Property representations. 
StandardProperty Represents a basic property within the Hibernate runtime-metamodel. 
VersionProperty Represents a version property within the Hibernate runtime-metamodel.