This package abstracts the mechanism for dispatching SQL statements to the database, and implements interaction with JDBC.

Concrete implementations of the Batcher interface may be selected by specifying hibernate.jdbc.factory_class.


Batcher Manages PreparedStatements for a session. 
BatcherFactory Factory for Batcher instances. 
ConnectionWrapper Interface implemented by JDBC connection wrappers in order to give access to the underlying wrapped connection. 
Expectation Defines an expected DML operation outcome. 
Work Contract for performing a discrete piece of JDBC work. 


AbstractBatcher Manages prepared statements and batching. 
BatchingBatcher An implementation of the Batcher interface that actually uses batching 
BatchingBatcherFactory A BatcherFactory implementation which constructs Batcher instances capable of actually performing batch operations. 
BorrowedConnectionProxy A proxy for borrowed connections which funnels all requests back into the ConnectionManager from which it was borrowed to be properly handled (in terms of connection release modes). 
ConnectionManager Encapsulates JDBC Connection management logic needed by Hibernate. 
Expectations Holds various often used Expectations.BasicExpectation definitions. 
JDBCContext Acts as the mediary between "entity-mode related" sessions in terms of their interaction with the JDBC data store. 
NonBatchingBatcher An implementation of the Batcher interface that does no batching 
NonBatchingBatcherFactory A BatcherFactory implementation which constructs Batcher instances that do not perform batch operations. 


BatchedTooManyRowsAffectedException Much like TooManyRowsAffectedException, indicates that more rows than what we were expcecting were affected. 
BatchFailedException Indicates a failed batch entry (-3 return). 
TooManyRowsAffectedException Indicates that more rows were affected then we were expecting to be.