A framework for defining restriction criteria and order criteria.


CriteriaQuery An instance of CriteriaQuery is passed to criterion, order and projection instances when actually compiling and executing the query. 
Criterion An object-oriented representation of a query criterion that may be used as a restriction in a Criteria query. 
EnhancedProjection An "enhanced" Projection for a Criteria query. 
Example.PropertySelector A strategy for choosing property values for inclusion in the query criteria  
Projection An object-oriented representation of a query result set projection in a Criteria query. 


AbstractEmptinessExpression Implementation of AbstractEmptinessExpression. 
AggregateProjection Base class for standard aggregation functions. 
AvgProjection An avg() projection 
BetweenExpression Constrains a property to between two values 
CountProjection A count 
DetachedCriteria Some applications need to create criteria queries in "detached mode", where the Hibernate session is not available. 
Example Support for query by example. 
Expression This class is deprecated. Use Restrictions. 
IdentifierEqExpression An identifier constraint 
IdentifierProjection A property value, or grouped property value 
IlikeExpression A case-insensitive "like" 
InExpression Constrains the property to a specified list of values 
Junction A sequence of a logical expressions combined by some associative logical operator 
LikeExpression A criterion representing a "like" expression 
LogicalExpression Superclass of binary logical expressions 
MatchMode Represents an strategy for matching strings using "like". 
NotExpression Negates another criterion 
NotNullExpression Constrains a property to be non-null 
NullExpression Constrains a property to be null 
Order Represents an order imposed upon a Criteria result set 
Projections The criterion package may be used by applications as a framework for building new kinds of Projection
Property A factory for property-specific criterion and projection instances 
PropertyExpression superclass for comparisons between two properties (with SQL binary operators) 
PropertyProjection A property value, or grouped property value 
PropertySubqueryExpression A comparison between a property value in the outer query and the result of a subquery 
Restrictions The criterion package may be used by applications as a framework for building new kinds of Criterion
RowCountProjection A row count 
SimpleExpression superclass for "simple" comparisons (with SQL binary operators) 
SimpleProjection A single-column projection that may be aliased 
SimpleSubqueryExpression A comparison between a constant value and the the result of a subquery 
SQLCriterion A SQL fragment. 
SQLProjection A SQL fragment. 
Subqueries Factory class for criterion instances that represent expressions involving subqueries.