This package defines helper classes for rendering SQL fragments and SQL statements.


AliasGenerator TODO : javadoc 
SelectExpression TODO : javadoc 


Alias An alias generator for SQL identifiers 
ANSICaseFragment An ANSI SQL CASE expression. 
ANSIJoinFragment An ANSI-style join 
CacheJoinFragment A Caché dialect join. 
CaseFragment Abstract SQL case fragment renderer 
DecodeCaseFragment An Oracle-style DECODE function. 
Delete An SQL DELETE statement 
DisjunctionFragment A disjunctive string of conditions 
HSQLCaseFragment The HSQL CASEWHEN function. 
InFragment An SQL IN expression. 
Insert An SQL INSERT statement 
InsertSelect Implementation of InsertSelect. 
JoinFragment An abstract SQL join fragment renderer 
MckoiCaseFragment A Mckoi IF function. 
OracleJoinFragment An Oracle-style (theta) join 
QueryJoinFragment A join that appears in a translated HQL query 
QuerySelect A translated HQL query 
Select A simple SQL SELECT statement 
SelectFragment A fragment of an SQL SELECT clause 
SimpleSelect An SQL SELECT statement with no table joins 
Sybase11JoinFragment An old Sybase-style join (before Sybase supported the ANSI style "inner join" etc syntax) This is needed for Sybase 11.9.2 and earlier, using the HQL 2.* syntax with Collections. 
Template Parses SQL fragments specified in mapping documents 
Update An SQL UPDATE statement