A framework for defining database-specific SQL functions that are available via the dialect.


SQLFunction Provides support routines for the HQL functions as used in the various SQL Dialects Provides an interface for supporting various HQL functions that are translated to SQL. 


AbstractAnsiTrimEmulationFunction A SQLFunction providing support for implementing TRIM functionality (as defined by both the ANSI SQL and JPA specs) in cases where the dialect may not support the full trim function itself. 
AnsiTrimEmulationFunction A SQLFunction implementation that emulates the ANSI SQL trim function on dialects which do not support the full definition. 
AnsiTrimFunction Defines support for rendering according to ANSI SQL TRIM function specification. 
AvgWithArgumentCastFunction Some databases strictly return the type of the of the aggregation value for AVG which is problematic in the case of averaging integers because the decimals will be dropped. 
CastFunction ANSI-SQL style cast(foo as type) where the type is a Hibernate type 
CharIndexFunction Emulation of locate() on Sybase 
ClassicAvgFunction Classic AVG sqlfunction that return types as it was done in Hibernate 3.1  
ClassicCountFunction Classic COUNT sqlfunction that return types as it was done in Hibernate 3.1  
ClassicSumFunction Classic SUM sqlfunction that return types as it was done in Hibernate 3.1  
ConditionalParenthesisFunction Essentially the same as StandardSQLFunction, except that here the parentheses are not included when no arguments are given. 
ConvertFunction A Caché defintion of a convert function. 
DerbyConcatFunction A specialized concat() function definition in which:
  1. we translate to use the concat operator ('||')
  2. wrap dynamic parameters in CASTs to VARCHAR

This last spec is to deal with a limitation on DB2 and variants (e.g. 

NoArgSQLFunction A function which takes no arguments 
NvlFunction Emulation of coalesce() on Oracle, using multiple nvl() calls 
PositionSubstringFunction Emulation of locate() on PostgreSQL 
SQLFunctionTemplate Represents HQL functions that can have different representations in different SQL dialects. 
StandardAnsiSqlAggregationFunctions TODO : javadoc 
StandardAnsiSqlAggregationFunctions.AvgFunction Definition of a standard ANSI SQL compliant AVG function  
StandardAnsiSqlAggregationFunctions.CountFunction Definition of a standard ANSI SQL compliant COUNT function  
StandardJDBCEscapeFunction Analogous to StandardSQLFunction except that standard JDBC escape sequences (i.e. 
StandardSQLFunction Provides a standard implementation that supports the majority of the HQL functions that are translated to SQL. 
TemplateRenderer Delegate for handling function "templates". 
TrimFunctionTemplate Defines the basic template support for TRIM functions 
VarArgsSQLFunction Support for slightly more general templating than StandardSQLFunction, with an unlimited number of arguments.