This package is a fork of Apache commons-lang nestable exceptions.


Configurable The Configurable interface defines the contract for SQLExceptionConverter impls that want to be configured prior to usage given the currently defined Hibernate properties. 
SQLExceptionConverter Defines a contract for implementations that know how to convert a SQLException into Hibernate's JDBCException hierarchy. 
ViolatedConstraintNameExtracter Defines a contract for implementations that can extract the name of a violated constraint from a SQLException that is the result of that constraint violation. 


CacheSQLStateConverter A SQLExceptionConverter implementation specific to Caché SQL, accounting for its custom integrity constraint violation error codes. 
JDBCExceptionHelper Implementation of JDBCExceptionHelper. 
SQLExceptionConverterFactory A factory for building SQLExceptionConverter instances. 
SQLStateConverter A SQLExceptionConverter implementation which performs converion based on the underlying SQLState. 
TemplatedViolatedConstraintNameExtracter Knows how to extract a violated constraint name from an error message based on the fact that the constraint name is templated within the message. 


ConstraintViolationException Implementation of JDBCException indicating that the requested DML operation resulted in a violation of a defined integrity constraint. 
DataException Implementation of JDBCException indicating that evaluation of the valid SQL statement against the given data resulted in some illegal operation, mismatched types or incorrect cardinality. 
GenericJDBCException Generic, non-specific JDBCException. 
JDBCConnectionException Implementation of JDBCException indicating problems with communicating with the database (can also include incorrect JDBC setup). 
LockAcquisitionException Implementation of JDBCException indicating a problem acquiring lock on the database. 
SQLGrammarException Implementation of JDBCException indicating that the SQL sent to the database server was invalid (syntax error, invalid object references, etc).