ASTUtil.FilterPredicate Filters nodes out of a tree. 


AliasGenerator Generates class/table/column aliases during semantic analysis and SQL rendering. 
ASTAppender Appends child nodes to a parent efficiently. 
ASTIterator Depth first iteration of an ANTLR AST. 
ASTParentsFirstIterator Depth first iteration of an ANTLR AST. 
ASTPrinter Utility for generating pretty "ASCII art" representations of syntax trees. 
ASTUtil Provides utility methods for AST traversal and manipulation. 
ASTUtil.IncludePredicate A predicate that uses inclusion, rather than exclusion semantics. 
ColumnHelper Provides utility methods for dealing with arrays of SQL column names. 
JoinProcessor Performs the post-processing of the join information gathered during semantic analysis. 
LiteralProcessor A delegate that handles literals and constants for HqlSqlWalker, performing the token replacement functions and classifying literals. 
NodeTraverser A visitor for traversing an AST tree. 
PathHelper Provides utility methods for paths. 
SessionFactoryHelper Helper for performing common and/or complex operations with the SessionFactoryImplementor during translation of an HQL query. 
SyntheticAndFactory Creates synthetic and nodes based on the where fragment part of a JoinSequence.