This package defines collection initializers


CollectionInitializer An interface for collection loaders 


BasicCollectionJoinWalker Walker for collections of values and many-to-many associations 
BasicCollectionLoader Loads a collection of values or a many-to-many association. 
BatchingCollectionInitializer "Batch" loads collections, using multiple foreign key values in the SQL where clause. 
CollectionJoinWalker Superclass of walkers for collection initializers 
CollectionLoader Superclass for loaders that initialize collections 
OneToManyJoinWalker Walker for one-to-many associations 
OneToManyLoader Loads one-to-many associations

The collection persister must implement QueryableCOllection
SubselectCollectionLoader Implements subselect fetching for a collection 
SubselectOneToManyLoader Implements subselect fetching for a one to many association