Defines strategies for post-processing criteria query result sets into a form convenient to the application.


ResultTransformer Implementors define a strategy for transforming query results into the actual application-visible query result list. 


AliasToBeanConstructorResultTransformer Wraps the tuples in a constructor call. 
AliasToBeanResultTransformer Result transformer that allows to transform a result to a user specified class which will be populated via setter methods or fields matching the alias names. 
AliasToEntityMapResultTransformer ResultTransformer implementation which builds a map for each "row", made up of each aliased value where the alias is the map key. 
BasicTransformerAdapter Provides the basic "noop" impls of the ResultTransformer contract. 
DistinctResultTransformer Distinctions the result tuples in the final result based on the defined equality of the tuples. 
DistinctRootEntityResultTransformer Much like RootEntityResultTransformer, but we also distinct the entity in the final result. 
PassThroughResultTransformer ??? 
RootEntityResultTransformer ResultTransformer implementation which limits the result tuple to only the "root entity". 
ToListResultTransformer Tranforms each result row from a tuple into a List, such that what you end up with is a List of List Lists.