public abstract class


extends Object
implements Fetchable Filterable Value
   ↳ org.hibernate.mapping.Collection
Known Direct Subclasses
Known Indirect Subclasses

Class Overview

Mapping for a collection. Subclasses specialize to particular collection styles.


Protected Constructors
Collection(Mappings mappings, PersistentClass owner)
Public Methods
void addFilter(String name, String condition)
void addManyToManyFilter(String name, String condition)
void createAllKeys()
void createForeignKey()
int getBatchSize()
String getCacheConcurrencyStrategy()
String getCacheRegionName()
Class getCollectionPersisterClass()
Table getCollectionTable()
CollectionType getCollectionType()
boolean[] getColumnInsertability()
Iterator getColumnIterator()
int getColumnSpan()
boolean[] getColumnUpdateability()
Comparator getComparator()
String getComparatorClassName()
String getCustomSQLDelete()
String getCustomSQLDeleteAll()
ExecuteUpdateResultCheckStyle getCustomSQLDeleteAllCheckStyle()
ExecuteUpdateResultCheckStyle getCustomSQLDeleteCheckStyle()
String getCustomSQLInsert()
ExecuteUpdateResultCheckStyle getCustomSQLInsertCheckStyle()
String getCustomSQLUpdate()
ExecuteUpdateResultCheckStyle getCustomSQLUpdateCheckStyle()
abstract CollectionType getDefaultCollectionType()
Value getElement()
String getElementNodeName()
FetchMode getFetchMode()
Map getFilterMap()
KeyValue getKey()
String getLoaderName()
Map getManyToManyFilterMap()
String getManyToManyOrdering()
String getManyToManyWhere()
Mappings getMappings()
String getNodeName()
String getOrderBy()
PersistentClass getOwner()
String getOwnerEntityName()
String getReferencedPropertyName()
String getRole()
Set getSynchronizedTables()
Table getTable()
Type getType()
String getTypeName()
Properties getTypeParameters()
String getWhere()
boolean hasFormula()
boolean hasOrder()
boolean hasOrphanDelete()
boolean isAlternateUniqueKey()
boolean isArray()
boolean isCustomDeleteAllCallable()
boolean isCustomDeleteCallable()
boolean isCustomInsertCallable()
boolean isCustomUpdateCallable()
boolean isEmbedded()
boolean isExtraLazy()
boolean isIdentified()
boolean isIndexed()
boolean isInverse()
boolean isLazy()
boolean isMap()
boolean isMutable()
boolean isNullable()
boolean isOneToMany()
boolean isOptimisticLocked()
boolean isPrimitiveArray()
boolean isSet()
boolean isSimpleValue()
boolean isSorted()
boolean isSubselectLoadable()
boolean isValid(Mapping mapping)
void setBatchSize(int i)
void setCacheConcurrencyStrategy(String cacheConcurrencyStrategy)
void setCacheRegionName(String cacheRegionName)
void setCollectionPersisterClass(Class persister)
void setCollectionTable(Table table)
void setComparator(Comparator comparator)
void setComparatorClassName(String comparatorClassName)
void setCustomSQLDelete(String customSQLDelete, boolean callable, ExecuteUpdateResultCheckStyle checkStyle)
void setCustomSQLDeleteAll(String customSQLDeleteAll, boolean callable, ExecuteUpdateResultCheckStyle checkStyle)
void setCustomSQLInsert(String customSQLInsert, boolean callable, ExecuteUpdateResultCheckStyle checkStyle)
void setCustomSQLUpdate(String customSQLUpdate, boolean callable, ExecuteUpdateResultCheckStyle checkStyle)
void setElement(Value element)
void setElementNodeName(String elementNodeName)
void setEmbedded(boolean embedded)
void setExtraLazy(boolean extraLazy)
void setFetchMode(FetchMode fetchMode)
void setInverse(boolean inverse)
void setKey(KeyValue key)
void setLazy(boolean lazy)
void setLoaderName(String name)
void setManyToManyOrdering(String orderFragment)
void setManyToManyWhere(String manyToManyWhere)
void setMutable(boolean mutable)
void setNodeName(String nodeName)
void setOptimisticLocked(boolean optimisticLocked)
void setOrderBy(String orderBy)
void setOrphanDelete(boolean orphanDelete)
void setOwner(PersistentClass owner)
This method is deprecated. Inject the owner into constructor.
void setReferencedPropertyName(String propertyRef)
void setRole(String role)
void setSorted(boolean sorted)
void setSubselectLoadable(boolean subqueryLoadable)
void setTypeName(String typeName)
void setTypeParameters(Properties parameterMap)
void setTypeUsingReflection(String className, String propertyName)
void setWhere(String where)
String toString()
void validate(Mapping mapping)
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Object
From interface org.hibernate.mapping.Fetchable
From interface org.hibernate.mapping.Filterable
From interface org.hibernate.mapping.Value


public static final String DEFAULT_ELEMENT_COLUMN_NAME

Constant Value: "elt"

public static final String DEFAULT_KEY_COLUMN_NAME

Constant Value: "id"

Protected Constructors

protected Collection (Mappings mappings, PersistentClass owner)

Public Methods

public void addFilter (String name, String condition)

public void addManyToManyFilter (String name, String condition)

public void createAllKeys ()

public void createForeignKey ()

public int getBatchSize ()

public String getCacheConcurrencyStrategy ()

public String getCacheRegionName ()

public Class getCollectionPersisterClass ()

public Table getCollectionTable ()

public CollectionType getCollectionType ()

public boolean[] getColumnInsertability ()

public Iterator getColumnIterator ()

public int getColumnSpan ()

public boolean[] getColumnUpdateability ()

public Comparator getComparator ()

public String getComparatorClassName ()

public String getCustomSQLDelete ()

public String getCustomSQLDeleteAll ()

public ExecuteUpdateResultCheckStyle getCustomSQLDeleteAllCheckStyle ()

public ExecuteUpdateResultCheckStyle getCustomSQLDeleteCheckStyle ()

public String getCustomSQLInsert ()

public ExecuteUpdateResultCheckStyle getCustomSQLInsertCheckStyle ()

public String getCustomSQLUpdate ()

public ExecuteUpdateResultCheckStyle getCustomSQLUpdateCheckStyle ()

public abstract CollectionType getDefaultCollectionType ()

public Value getElement ()

public String getElementNodeName ()

public FetchMode getFetchMode ()

public Map getFilterMap ()

public KeyValue getKey ()

public String getLoaderName ()

public Map getManyToManyFilterMap ()

public String getManyToManyOrdering ()

public String getManyToManyWhere ()

public Mappings getMappings ()

public String getNodeName ()

public String getOrderBy ()

public PersistentClass getOwner ()

public String getOwnerEntityName ()

public String getReferencedPropertyName ()

public String getRole ()

public Set getSynchronizedTables ()

public Table getTable ()

public Type getType ()

public String getTypeName ()

public Properties getTypeParameters ()

public String getWhere ()

public boolean hasFormula ()

public boolean hasOrder ()

public boolean hasOrphanDelete ()

public boolean isAlternateUniqueKey ()

public boolean isArray ()

public boolean isCustomDeleteAllCallable ()

public boolean isCustomDeleteCallable ()

public boolean isCustomInsertCallable ()

public boolean isCustomUpdateCallable ()

public boolean isEmbedded ()

public boolean isExtraLazy ()

public boolean isIdentified ()

public boolean isIndexed ()

public boolean isInverse ()

public boolean isLazy ()

public boolean isMap ()

public boolean isMutable ()

public boolean isNullable ()

public boolean isOneToMany ()

public boolean isOptimisticLocked ()

public boolean isPrimitiveArray ()

public boolean isSet ()

public boolean isSimpleValue ()

public boolean isSorted ()

public boolean isSubselectLoadable ()

public boolean isValid (Mapping mapping)

public void setBatchSize (int i)

public void setCacheConcurrencyStrategy (String cacheConcurrencyStrategy)

public void setCacheRegionName (String cacheRegionName)

public void setCollectionPersisterClass (Class persister)

public void setCollectionTable (Table table)

public void setComparator (Comparator comparator)

public void setComparatorClassName (String comparatorClassName)

public void setCustomSQLDelete (String customSQLDelete, boolean callable, ExecuteUpdateResultCheckStyle checkStyle)

public void setCustomSQLDeleteAll (String customSQLDeleteAll, boolean callable, ExecuteUpdateResultCheckStyle checkStyle)

public void setCustomSQLInsert (String customSQLInsert, boolean callable, ExecuteUpdateResultCheckStyle checkStyle)

public void setCustomSQLUpdate (String customSQLUpdate, boolean callable, ExecuteUpdateResultCheckStyle checkStyle)

public void setElement (Value element)

public void setElementNodeName (String elementNodeName)

public void setEmbedded (boolean embedded)

public void setExtraLazy (boolean extraLazy)

public void setFetchMode (FetchMode fetchMode)

public void setInverse (boolean inverse)

public void setKey (KeyValue key)

public void setLazy (boolean lazy)

public void setLoaderName (String name)

public void setManyToManyOrdering (String orderFragment)

public void setManyToManyWhere (String manyToManyWhere)

public void setMutable (boolean mutable)

public void setNodeName (String nodeName)

public void setOptimisticLocked (boolean optimisticLocked)

public void setOrderBy (String orderBy)

public void setOrphanDelete (boolean orphanDelete)

public void setOwner (PersistentClass owner)

This method is deprecated.
Inject the owner into constructor.

owner The owner

public void setReferencedPropertyName (String propertyRef)

public void setRole (String role)

public void setSorted (boolean sorted)

public void setSubselectLoadable (boolean subqueryLoadable)

public void setTypeName (String typeName)

public void setTypeParameters (Properties parameterMap)

public void setTypeUsingReflection (String className, String propertyName)

public void setWhere (String where)

public String toString ()

public void validate (Mapping mapping)