public class


extends GeneratedOrderByFragmentParser
   ↳ GeneratedOrderByFragmentParser
     ↳ org.hibernate.sql.ordering.antlr.OrderByFragmentParser

Class Overview

Extension of the Antlr-generated parser for the purpose of adding our custom parsing behavior.


Public Constructors
OrderByFragmentParser(TokenStream lexer, TranslationContext context)
Public Methods
void traceIn(String ruleName)
void traceOut(String ruleName)
Protected Methods
boolean isFunctionName(AST ast)
AST postProcessSortSpecification(AST sortSpec)
AST quotedIdentifier(AST ident)
AST quotedString(AST ident)
AST resolveFunction(AST ast)
AST resolveIdent(AST ident)
void trace(String msg)
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Object

Public Constructors

public OrderByFragmentParser (TokenStream lexer, TranslationContext context)

Public Methods

public void traceIn (String ruleName)

public void traceOut (String ruleName)

Protected Methods

protected boolean isFunctionName (AST ast)

protected AST postProcessSortSpecification (AST sortSpec)

protected AST quotedIdentifier (AST ident)

protected AST quotedString (AST ident)

protected AST resolveFunction (AST ast)

protected AST resolveIdent (AST ident)

protected void trace (String msg)