Provides specific classes to Sun JMX Reference Implementation.


DynamicMBean2 A dynamic MBean that wraps an underlying resource. 
ModifiableClassLoaderRepository This interface keeps the list of Class Loaders registered in the MBean Server. 
SunJmxMBeanServer Extends the MBeanServer and MBeanServerInterceptor interface to provide methods for getting the MetaData and MBeanServerInstantiator objects associated with an MBeanServer. 


GetPropertyAction Utility class to be used by the method AccessControler.doPrivileged to get a system property. 
Introspector This class contains the methods for performing all the tests needed to verify that a class represents a JMX compliant MBean. 
JmxMBeanServer This is the base class for MBean manipulation on the agent side. 
JmxMBeanServerBuilder This class represents a builder that creates MBeanServer implementations. 
MBeanInstantiator Implements the MBeanInstantiator interface. 
MBeanSupport<M> Base class for MBeans. 

Helper class for an InvocationHandler that forwards methods from an MXBean interface to a named MXBean in an MBean Server and handles translation between the arbitrary Java types in the interface and the Open Types used by the MXBean. 

MXBeanSupport Base class for MXBeans. 
NamedObject This class is used for storing a pair (name, object) where name is an object name and object is a reference to the object. 

A converter between Java types and the limited set of classes defined by Open MBeans. 

Repository The RepositorySupport implements the Repository interface. 
StandardMBeanSupport Base class for Standard MBeans.