ClipboardTransferable Reads all of the data from the system Clipboard which the data transfer subsystem knows how to translate. 
DataTransferer Provides a set of functions to be shared among the DataFlavor class and platform-specific data transfer implementations. 
DataTransferer.CharsetComparator An IndexedComparator which compares two String charsets. 
DataTransferer.DataFlavorComparator An IndexedComparator which compares two DataFlavors. 
DataTransferer.IndexedComparator A Comparator which includes a helper function for comparing two Objects which are likely to be keys in the specified Map. 
DataTransferer.ReencodingInputStream Used for decoding and reencoding an InputStream on demand so that we can strip NUL terminators and perform EOLN search-and-replace. 
SunClipboard Serves as a common, helper superclass for the Win32 and X11 system Clipboards. 
TransferableProxy Proxies for another Transferable so that Serializable objects are never returned directly by DnD or the Clipboard.