P11TlsKeyMaterialGenerator KeyGenerator to calculate the SSL/TLS key material (cipher keys and ivs, mac keys) from the master secret. 
P11TlsMasterSecretGenerator KeyGenerator for the SSL/TLS master secret. 
P11Util Collection of static utility methods. 
Secmod The Secmod class defines the interface to the native NSS library and the configuration information it stores in its secmod.db file. 
Secmod.KeyStoreLoadParameter A LoadStoreParameter for use with the NSS Softtoken or NSS TrustAnchor KeyStores. 
Secmod.Module A representation of one PKCS#11 slot in a PKCS#11 module. 
SunPKCS11 PKCS#11 provider main class. 


Secmod.ModuleType Constants describing the different types of NSS modules. 
Secmod.TrustType Constants representing NSS trust categories.