Provides five standard implementations of the standard JDBC RowSet implementation interface definitions. These reference implementations are included with the J2SE version 1.5 platform and represent the benchmark standard RowSet implementations as verified by the Test Compatibility Kit (TCK) as mandated by the Java Community Process.

1.0 Available JDBC RowSet Reference Implementations

The following implementations are provided:
JdbcRowSetImpl - The javax.sql.rowset.JdbcRowSet interface reference implementation.

CachedRowSetImpl - The javax.sql.rowset.CachedRowSet interface reference implementation.

WebRowSetImpl - The javax.sql.rowset.WebRowSet interface reference implementation.

FilteredRowSetImpl - The javax.sql.rowset.FilteredRowSet interface reference implementation.

JoinRowSetImpl - The javax.sql.rowset.JoinRowSet interface reference implementation.
All details on their expected behavior, including their interactions with the SyncProvider SPI and helper classes are provided in the interface definitions in the javax.sql.rowset package specification.

2.0 Usage

The reference implementations represent robust implementations of the standard RowSet interfaces defined in the javax.sql.rowset package. All disconnected RowSet implementations, such as the CachedRowSetImpl and WebRowSetImpl, are flexible enough to use the SyncFactory SPIs to leverage non-reference implementation SyncProvider implementations to obtain differing synchronization semantics. Furthermore, developers and vendors alike are free to use these implementations and integrate them into their products just as they can with to other components of the Java platform.

3.0 Extending the JDBC RowSet Implementations

The JDBC RowSet reference implementations are provided as non-final classess so that any developer can extend them to provider additional features while maintaining the core required standard functionality and compatibility. It is anticipated that many vendors and developers will extend the standard feature set to their their particular needs. The website for JDBC Technology will provider a portal where implementations can be listed, similar to the way it provides a site for JDBC drivers.


CachedRowSetImpl The standard implementation of the CachedRowSet interface. 
FilteredRowSetImpl The standard implementation of the FilteredRowSet interface. 
JdbcRowSetImpl The standard implementation of the JdbcRowSet interface. 
JdbcRowSetResourceBundle This class is used to help in localization of resources, especially the exception strings. 
JoinRowSetImpl The standard implementation of the JoinRowSet interface providing an SQL JOIN between RowSet objects. 
WebRowSetImpl The standard implementation of the WebRowSet interface.