Provides classes for monitoring instrumented HotSpot Java Virtual Machines.

The classes in this package provide abstractions for:

  • Identifying monitorable hosts and Java Virtual Machines.

  • Monitoring the creation and destruction of instrumented Java Virtual Machines on local and remote hosts.

  • Discovering and Monitoring instrumentation exported by an instrumented Java Virtual Machine.

The MonitoredHost class provides the interface to acquire concrete implementations for discovering instrumented Java Virtual Machines on a specific host. It serves a factory for creating MonitoredHost instances for specific hosts and for creating MonitoredVm instances for specific instrumented Java Virtual Machines on those hosts.

The MonitoredVm instances provide an interface for discovery of instrumentation objects and the Monitor interfaces provide a mechanism for monitoring the instrumentation exported by a JVM.


ByteArrayMonitor Interface for Monitoring ByteArrayInstrument objects. 
IntegerMonitor Interface for Monitoring Integer Instrument Objects. 
LongMonitor Interface for Monitoring LongInstrument objects. 
Monitor Interface provided by Instrumentation Monitoring Objects. 
MonitoredVm Interface for interacting with a monitorable Java Virtual Machine. 
StringMonitor Interface for Monitoring StringInstrument objects. 


AbstractMonitor The base class for Instrumentation Monitoring Objects. 
HostIdentifier An abstraction that identifies a target host and communications protocol. 
MonitoredHost An abstraction for a host that contains instrumented Java Virtual Machines. 
MonitoredVmUtil Utility class proving concenience methods for extracting various information from an MonitoredVm object. 
VmIdentifier An abstraction that identifies a target Java Virtual Machine. 


MonitorException Base class for exceptions that occur while interfacing with the Monitoring interfaces.