OCSP.RevocationStatus The Revocation Status of a certificate. 


AdjacencyList An AdjacencyList is used to store the history of certification paths attempted in constructing a path from an initiator to a target. 
AlgorithmChecker AlgorithmChecker is a PKIXCertPathChecker that checks that the signature algorithm of the specified certificate is not disabled. 
Builder Abstract class representing a builder, which is able to retrieve matching certificates and is able to verify a particular certificate. 
BuildStep Describes one step of a certification path build, consisting of a Vertex state description, a certificate, a possible throwable, and a result code. 
CertId This class corresponds to the CertId field in OCSP Request and the OCSP Response. 
CertPathHelper Helper class that allows access to Sun specific known-public methods in the package. 
CollectionCertStore A CertStore that retrieves Certificates and CRLs from a Collection
IndexedCollectionCertStore A CertStore that retrieves Certificates and CRLs from a Collection
LDAPCertStore A CertStore that retrieves Certificates and CRLs from an LDAP directory, using the PKIX LDAP V2 Schema (RFC 2587):
OCSP This is a class that checks the revocation status of a certificate(s) using OCSP. 
OCSPResponse This class is used to process an OCSP response. 
PKIXCertPathValidator This class implements the PKIX validation algorithm for certification paths consisting exclusively of X509Certificates
SunCertPathBuilder This class is able to build certification paths in either the forward or reverse directions. 
SunCertPathBuilderParameters This class specifies the set of parameters used as input for the Sun certification path build algorithm. 
SunCertPathBuilderResult This class represents the result of a SunCertPathBuilder build. 
X509CertificatePair This class represents an X.509 Certificate Pair object, which is primarily used to hold a pair of cross certificates issued between Certification Authorities. 
X509CertPath A CertPath (certification path) consisting exclusively of X509Certificates. 



SunCertPathBuilderException This is a subclass of the generic CertPathBuilderException