ExtensionInstallationProvider This interface defines the contract a extension installation capable provided to the extension installation dependency mechanism to install new extensions on the user's disk 
RegexpTarget A class to define actions to be performed when a regular expression match occurs. 
SignalHandler This is the signal handler interface expected in Signal.handle
Timeable This interface is used by the Timer class. 
VMNotification This interface is deprecated. No replacement. 


ASCIICaseInsensitiveComparator Implements a locale and case insensitive comparator suitable for strings that are known to only contain ASCII characters. 
BASE64Decoder This class implements a BASE64 Character decoder as specified in RFC1521. 
BASE64Encoder This class implements a BASE64 Character encoder as specified in RFC1521. 
Cache The Cache class. 
CharacterDecoder This class defines the decoding half of character encoders. 
CharacterEncoder This class defines the encoding half of character encoders. 
ClassFileTransformer This is an abstract base class which is called by java.lang.ClassLoader when ClassFormatError is thrown inside defineClass(). 
Cleaner General-purpose phantom-reference-based cleaners. 
ConditionLock ConditionLock is a Lock with a built in state variable. 
CRC16 The CRC-16 class calculates a 16 bit cyclic redundancy check of a set of bytes. 
DoubleConsts This class contains additional constants documenting limits of the double type. 

This class checks dependent extensions a particular jar file may have declared through its manifest attributes. 

ExtensionInfo This class holds all necessary information to install or upgrade a extension on the user's disk 
FloatConsts This class contains additional constants documenting limits of the float type. 
FpUtils The class FpUtils contains static utility methods for manipulating and inspecting float and double floating-point numbers. 
GC Support for garbage-collection latency requests. 
GC.LatencyRequest Represents an active garbage-collection latency request. 
HexDumpEncoder This class encodes a buffer into the classic: "Hexadecimal Dump" format of the past. 

This class checks that only jar and zip files are included in the file list. 

JarIndex This class is used to maintain mappings from packages, classes and resources to their enclosing JAR files. 
Launcher This class is used by the system to launch the main application. 
Lock The Lock class provides a simple, useful interface to a lock. 
LRUCache<N, V> Utility class for small LRU caches. 
MessageUtils MessageUtils: miscellaneous utilities for handling error and status properties and messages. 
Perf The Perf class provides the ability to attach to an instrumentation buffer maintained by a Java virtual machine. 
Perf.GetPerfAction The GetPerfAction class is a convenience class for acquiring access to the singleton Perf instance using the AccessController.doPrivileged() method. 
PerformanceLogger This class is intended to be a central place for the jdk to log timing events of interest. 
ProxyGenerator ProxyGenerator contains the code to generate a dynamic proxy class for the java.lang.reflect.Proxy API. 
Queue Queue: implements a simple queue mechanism. 
Ref This class is deprecated. This class has been replaced by java.util.SoftReference. 
Regexp A class to represent a regular expression. 
RegexpPool A class to represent a pool of regular expressions. 
Request Requests are functor objects; that is, they provide part of the mechanism for deferred function application. 
RequestProcessor The request processor allows functors (Request instances) to be created in arbitrary threads, and to be posted for execution in a non-restricted thread. 
Resource This class is used to represent a Resource that has been loaded from the class path. 
Service A simple service-provider lookup mechanism. 
SharedSecrets A repository of "shared secrets", which are a mechanism for calling implementation-private methods in another package without using reflection. 
Signal This class provides ANSI/ISO C signal support. 
SoftCache A memory-sensitive implementation of the Map interface. 
Timer A Timer object is used by algorithms that require timed events. 
UCDecoder This class implements a robust character decoder. 
UCEncoder This class implements a robust character encoder. 
Unsafe A collection of methods for performing low-level, unsafe operations. 
URLClassPath This class is used to maintain a search path of URLs for loading classes and resources from both JAR files and directories. 
UUDecoder This class implements a Berkeley uu character decoder. 
UUEncoder This class implements a Berkeley uu character encoder. 



CEStreamExhausted This exception is thrown when EOF is reached  
InvalidJarIndexException Thrown if the URLClassLoader finds the INDEX.LIST file of a jar file contains incorrect information. 
REException A class to signal exception from the RegexpPool class. 


ServiceConfigurationError Error thrown when something goes wrong while looking up service providers.