Hurryable A Hurryable is a class that has been instructed to complete its input processing so as to make resource associated with that input available to others. 


ChunkedInputStream A ChunkedInputStream provides a stream for reading a body of a http message that can be sent as a series of chunks, each with its own size indicator. 
ChunkedOutputStream OutputStream that sends the output to the underlying stream using chunked encoding as specified in RFC 2068. 
KeepAliveCache A class that implements a cache of idle Http connections for keep-alive 
KeepAliveStream A stream that has the property of being able to be kept alive for multiple downloads from the same server. 
KeepAliveStreamCleaner This class is used to cleanup any remaining data that may be on a KeepAliveStream so that the connection can be cached in the KeepAliveCache. 
PosterOutputStream Instances of this class are returned to applications for the purpose of sending user data for a HTTP POST or PUT request.