ConstructorAccessor This interface provides the declaration for java.lang.reflect.Constructor.invoke(). 
FieldAccessor This interface provides the declarations for the accessor methods of java.lang.reflect.Field. 
LangReflectAccess An interface which gives privileged packages Java-level access to internals of java.lang.reflect. 
MethodAccessor This interface provides the declaration for java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(). 


ConstantPool Provides reflective access to the constant pools of classes. 
FieldInfo NOTE: obsolete as of JDK 1.4 B75 and should be removed from the workspace (FIXME)  
Reflection Common utility routines used by both java.lang and java.lang.reflect  

The master factory for all reflective objects, both those in java.lang.reflect (Fields, Methods, Constructors) as well as their delegates (FieldAccessors, MethodAccessors, ConstructorAccessors). 

ReflectionFactory.GetReflectionFactoryAction A convenience class for acquiring the capability to instantiate reflective objects. 
SignatureIterator Assists in iterating down a method's signature