GSSHeader This class represents the mechanism independent part of a GSS-API context establishment token. 
GSSManagerImpl This class provides the default implementation of the GSSManager interface. 
GSSNameImpl This is the implementation class for GSSName. 
GSSToken Utilities for processing GSS Tokens. 
GSSUtil The GSSUtilImplementation that knows how to work with the internals of the GSS-API. 
LoginConfigImpl A Configuration implementation especially designed for JGSS. 
ProviderList This class stores the list of providers that this GSS-Implementation is configured to use. 
SunProvider Defines the Sun JGSS provider. 
TokenTracker A utility class that implements a number list that keeps track of which tokens have arrived by storing their token numbers in the list. 


GSSExceptionImpl This class helps overcome a limitation of the org.ietf.jgss.GSSException class that does not allow the thrower to set a string corresponding to the major code.