BasicControl This class provides a basic implementation of the Control interface. 
Ber Base class that defines common fields, constants, and debug method. 
BerDecoder A BER decoder. 
BerEncoder A BER encoder. 
Connection A thread that creates a connection to an LDAP server. 
DefaultResponseControlFactory This class represents a factory for creating LDAPv3 response controls. 
EntryChangeResponseControl This class implements the LDAPv3 Response Control for entry-change notification as defined in draft-ietf-ldapext-psearch-02.txt
LdapClient LDAP (RFC-1777) and LDAPv3 (RFC-2251) compliant client This class represents a connection to an LDAP client. 
LdapCtx The LDAP context implementation. 
LdapName LdapName implements compound names for LDAP v3 as specified by RFC 2253. 
LdapPoolManager Contains utilities for managing connection pools of LdapClient. 
LdapResult %%% public for use by LdapSasl %%%  
ManageReferralControl This class implements the LDAPv3 Request Control for manageDsaIT as defined in draft-ietf-ldapext-namedref-00.txt
PersistentSearchControl This class implements the LDAPv3 Request Control for the persistent search mechanism as defined in draft-ietf-ldapext-psearch-02.txt


LdapReferralException This exception is raised when a referral to an alternative context is encountered.