Dispatcher The Dispatcher interface allows the transport to make the upcall to the server side remote reference. 


ActivatableServerRef Server-side ref for a persistent remote impl. 
Activation The Activator facilitates remote object activation. 
Activation.DefaultExecPolicy The default policy for checking a command before it is executed makes sure the appropriate com.sun.rmi.rmid.ExecPermission and set of com.sun.rmi.rmid.ExecOptionPermissions have been granted. 
ActivationGroupImpl The default activation group implementation. 
ActivationGroupInit This is the bootstrap code to start a VM executing an activation group. 
LoaderHandler LoaderHandler provides the implementation of the static methods of the java.rmi.server.RMIClassLoader class. 
MarshalInputStream MarshalInputStream is an extension of ObjectInputStream. 
MarshalOutputStream A MarshalOutputStream extends ObjectOutputStream to add functions specific to marshaling of remote object references. 
UnicastRef NOTE: There is a JDK-internal dependency on the existence of this class's getLiveRef method (as it is inherited by UnicastRef2) in the implementation of 
UnicastRef2 NOTE: There is a JDK-internal dependency on the existence of this class and its getLiveRef method (inherited from UnicastRef) in the implementation of 
UnicastServerRef UnicastServerRef implements the remote reference layer server-side behavior for remote objects exported with the "UnicastRef" reference type. 
UnicastServerRef2 Server-side ref for a remote impl that uses a custom socket factory. 
Util A utility class with static methods for creating stubs/proxies and skeletons for remote objects. 
WeakClassHashMap<V> Abstract class that maps Class objects to lazily-computed values of type V. 


InactiveGroupException Thrown if a local or remote call is made on a group implementation instance that is inactive.