Provides classes and interface for drawing specialized borders around a Swing component. You can subclass these classes to create customized borders for your components instead of using the default borders provided by the look-and-feel being used.

Note: Most of the Swing API is not thread safe. For details, see Threads and Swing, a section in The Java Tutorial.

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Border Interface describing an object capable of rendering a border around the edges of a swing component. 


AbstractBorder A class that implements an empty border with no size. 
BevelBorder A class which implements a simple two-line bevel border. 
CompoundBorder A composite Border class used to compose two Border objects into a single border by nesting an inside Border object within the insets of an outside Border object. 
EmptyBorder A class which provides an empty, transparent border which takes up space but does no drawing. 
EtchedBorder A class which implements a simple etched border which can either be etched-in or etched-out. 
LineBorder A class which implements a line border of arbitrary thickness and of a single color. 
MatteBorder A class which provides a matte-like border of either a solid color or a tiled icon. 
SoftBevelBorder A class which implements a raised or lowered bevel with softened corners. 
TitledBorder A class which implements an arbitrary border with the addition of a String title in a specified position and justification.