CertAttrSet<T> This interface defines the methods required of a certificate attribute. 
GeneralNameInterface This interface specifies the abstract methods which have to be implemented by all the members of the GeneralNames ASN.1 object. 


AlgIdDSA This class identifies DSS/DSA Algorithm variants, which are distinguished by using different algorithm parameters P, Q, G
AlgorithmId This class identifies algorithms, such as cryptographic transforms, each of which may be associated with parameters. 

This class provides the Enumeration implementation used by all the X509 certificate attributes to return the attribute names contained within them. 

AuthorityInfoAccessExtension The Authority Information Access Extension (OID = 
AuthorityKeyIdentifierExtension This class represents the Authority Key Identifier Extension. 
AVA X.500 Attribute-Value-Assertion (AVA): an attribute, as identified by some attribute ID, has some particular value. 
BasicConstraintsExtension This class represents the Basic Constraints Extension. 
CertAndKeyGen Generate a pair of keys, and provide access to them. 
CertificateAlgorithmId This class defines the AlgorithmId for the Certificate. 
CertificateExtensions This class defines the Extensions attribute for the Certificate. 
CertificateIssuerExtension Represents the CRL Certificate Issuer Extension (OID = 
CertificateIssuerName This class defines the X500Name attribute for the Certificate. 
CertificateIssuerUniqueIdentity This class defines the subject/issuer unique identity attribute for the Certificate. 
CertificatePoliciesExtension This class defines the certificate policies extension which specifies the policies under which the certificate has been issued and the purposes for which the certificate may be used. 
CertificatePolicyId Represent the CertificatePolicyId ASN.1 object. 
CertificatePolicyMap Represent the CertificatePolicyMap ASN.1 object. 
CertificatePolicySet This class defines the certificate policy set ASN.1 object. 
CertificateSerialNumber This class defines the SerialNumber attribute for the Certificate. 
CertificateSubjectName This class defines the X500Name attribute for the Certificate. 
CertificateSubjectUniqueIdentity This class defines the subject/issuer unique identity attribute for the Certificate. 
CertificateValidity This class defines the interval for which the certificate is valid. 
CertificateVersion This class defines the version of the X509 Certificate. 
CertificateX509Key This class defines the X509Key attribute for the Certificate. 
CRLDistributionPointsExtension Represent the CRL Distribution Points Extension (OID = 
CRLExtensions This class defines the CRL Extensions. 
CRLNumberExtension Represent the CRL Number Extension. 
CRLReasonCodeExtension The reasonCode is a non-critical CRL entry extension that identifies the reason for the certificate revocation. 
DeltaCRLIndicatorExtension Represents the Delta CRL Indicator Extension. 
DistributionPoint Represent the DistributionPoint sequence used in the CRL Distribution Points Extension (OID = 
DistributionPointName Represents the DistributionPointName ASN.1 type. 
DNSName This class implements the DNSName as required by the GeneralNames ASN.1 object. 
EDIPartyName This class defines the EDIPartyName of the GeneralName choice. 
ExtendedKeyUsageExtension This class defines the Extended Key Usage Extension, which indicates one or more purposes for which the certified public key may be used, in addition to or in place of the basic purposes indicated in the key usage extension field. 
Extension Represent a X509 Extension Attribute. 
FreshestCRLExtension Represents the Freshest CRL Extension. 
GeneralName This class implements the ASN.1 GeneralName object class. 
GeneralNames This object class represents the GeneralNames type required in X509 certificates. 
GeneralSubtree Represent the GeneralSubtree ASN.1 object, whose syntax is:
 GeneralSubtree ::= SEQUENCE {
    base             GeneralName,
    minimum  [0]     BaseDistance DEFAULT 0,
    maximum  [1]     BaseDistance OPTIONAL
 BaseDistance ::= INTEGER (0..MAX)
GeneralSubtrees Represent the GeneralSubtrees ASN.1 object. 
InhibitAnyPolicyExtension This class represents the Inhibit Any-Policy Extension. 
IPAddressName This class implements the IPAddressName as required by the GeneralNames ASN.1 object. 
IssuerAlternativeNameExtension This represents the Issuer Alternative Name Extension. 
IssuingDistributionPointExtension Represents the CRL Issuing Distribution Point Extension (OID = 
KeyIdentifier Represent the Key Identifier ASN.1 object. 
KeyUsageExtension Represent the Key Usage Extension. 
NameConstraintsExtension This class defines the Name Constraints Extension. 
NetscapeCertTypeExtension Represents Netscape Certificate Type Extension. 
OIDMap This class defines the mapping from OID & name to classes and vice versa. 
OIDName This class implements the OIDName as required by the GeneralNames ASN.1 object. 
OtherName This class represents the OtherName as required by the GeneralNames ASN.1 object. 
PKIXExtensions Lists all the object identifiers of the X509 extensions of the PKIX profile. 
PolicyConstraintsExtension This class defines the certificate extension which specifies the Policy constraints. 
PolicyInformation PolicyInformation is the class that contains a specific certificate policy that is part of the CertificatePoliciesExtension. 
PolicyMappingsExtension Represent the Policy Mappings Extension. 
PrivateKeyUsageExtension This class defines the Private Key Usage Extension. 
RDN RDNs are a set of {attribute = value} assertions. 
ReasonFlags Represent the CRL Reason Flags. 
RFC822Name This class implements the RFC822Name as required by the GeneralNames ASN.1 object. 
SerialNumber This class defines the SerialNumber class used by certificates. 
SubjectAlternativeNameExtension This represents the Subject Alternative Name Extension. 
SubjectKeyIdentifierExtension Represent the Subject Key Identifier Extension. 
UniqueIdentity This class defines the UniqueIdentity class used by certificates. 
URIName This class implements the URIName as required by the GeneralNames ASN.1 object. 
X400Address This class defines the X400Address of the GeneralName choice. 
X500Name Note: As of 1.4, the public class,, should be used when parsing, generating, and comparing X.500 DNs. 
X500Signer This class provides a binding between a Signature object and an authenticated X.500 name (from an X.509 certificate chain), which is needed in many public key signing applications. 
X509AttributeName This class is used to parse attribute names like "". 
X509Cert This class is deprecated. Use the new X509Certificate class. This class is only restored for backwards compatibility.  
X509CertImpl The X509CertImpl class represents an X.509 certificate. 
X509CertInfo The X509CertInfo class represents X.509 certificate information. 

Abstract class for a revoked certificate in a CRL. 


An implmentation for X509 CRL (Certificate Revocation List). 

X509Key Holds an X.509 key, for example a public key found in an X.509 certificate. 


CertException This class is deprecated. use one of Exceptions defined in the package.