ICUBinary.Authenticate Special interface for data authentication  

Interface for enabling iteration over sets of , where index is the sorted integer index in ascending order and value, its associated integer value. 

Replaceable Replaceable is an interface representing a string of characters that supports the replacement of a range of itself with a new string of characters. 
SymbolTable This interface is deprecated. This is a draft API and might change in a future release of ICU.  
Trie.DataManipulate Character data in have different user-specified format for different purposes. 
UCharacter.ECharacterCategory This interface is deprecated. This is a draft API and might change in a future release of ICU.  
UCharacter.HangulSyllableType Hangul Syllable Type constants. 
UCharacter.NumericType Numeric Type constants. 
UnicodeMatcher UnicodeMatcher defines a protocol for objects that can match a range of characters in a Replaceable string. 

Selection constants for Unicode properties. 


CharacterIteratorWrapper This class is a wrapper around CharacterIterator and implements the UCharacterIterator protocol 
CharTrie Trie implementation which stores data in char, 16 bits. 
CharTrie.FriendAgent Java friend implementation  
ICUData Provides access to ICU data files as InputStreams. 
IntTrie Trie implementation which stores data in int, 32 bits. 
NormalizerBase Unicode Normalization

Unicode normalization API

normalize transforms Unicode text into an equivalent composed or decomposed form, allowing for easier sorting and searching of text. 
NormalizerBase.Mode Constants for normalization modes. 
NormalizerBase.QuickCheckResult Result values for quickCheck(). 
RangeValueIterator.Element Return result wrapper for 
ReplaceableString ReplaceableString is an adapter class that implements the Replaceable API around an ordinary StringBuffer
ReplaceableUCharacterIterator DLF docs must define behavior when Replaceable is mutated underneath the iterator. 
RuleCharacterIterator An iterator that returns 32-bit code points. 

A trie is a kind of compressed, serializable table of values associated with Unicode code points (0..0x10ffff). 


Class enabling iteration of the values in a Trie. 


The UCharacter class provides extensions to the java.lang.Character class. 

UCharacterIterator Abstract class that defines an API for iteration on text objects.This is an interface for forward and backward iteration and random access into a text object. 

Internal class used for Unicode character property database. 

UnicodeSet A mutable set of Unicode characters and multicharacter strings. 
UnicodeSetIterator UnicodeSetIterator iterates over the contents of a UnicodeSet. 

Standalone utility class providing UTF16 character conversions and indexing conversions. 

VersionInfo Class to store version numbers of the form major.minor.milli.micro.