AtomicContext Clients: deal only with names for its own naming service and deals with single contexts that can be built up into hierarchical naming systems. 
AtomicDirContext Direct subclasses of AtomicDirContext must provide implementations for the abstract a_ DirContext methods, and override the a_ Context methods (which are no longer abstract because they have been overriden by PartialCompositeDirContext with dummy implementations). 
ComponentContext Provides implementation of p_* operations using c_* operations provided by subclasses. 
Continuation This class contains information required to continue the method (place where it left off, and remaining name to continue). 
HeadTail A class for returning the result of p_parseComponent(); 
PartialCompositeContext PartialCompositeContext implements Context operations on composite names using implementations of the p_ interfaces defined by its subclasses. 
StringHeadTail A class for returning the result of c_parseComponent().