Allows developers to provide support for undo/redo in applications such as text editors.

Note: Most of the Swing API is not thread safe. For details, see Threads and Swing, a section in The Java Tutorial.

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StateEditable StateEditable defines the interface for objects that can have their state undone/redone by a StateEdit. 
UndoableEdit An UndoableEdit represents an edit. 


AbstractUndoableEdit An abstract implementation of UndoableEdit, implementing simple responses to all boolean methods in that interface. 
CompoundEdit A concrete subclass of AbstractUndoableEdit, used to assemble little UndoableEdits into great big ones. 

StateEdit is a general edit for objects that change state. 

UndoableEditSupport A support class used for managing UndoableEdit listeners. 
UndoManager UndoManager manages a list of UndoableEdits, providing a way to undo or redo the appropriate edits. 


CannotRedoException Thrown when an UndoableEdit is told to redo() and can't. 
CannotUndoException Thrown when an UndoableEdit is told to undo() and can't.