Provides interfaces and classes for transferring data between and within applications. It defines the notion of a "transferable" object, which is an object capable of being transferred between or within applications. An object identifies itself as being transferable by implementing the Transferable interface.

It also provides a clipboard mechanism, which is an object that temporarily holds a transferable object that can be transferred between or within an application. The clipboard is typically used for copy and paste operations. Although it is possible to create a clipboard to use within an application, most applications will use the system clipboard to ensure the data can be transferred across applications running on the platform.


ClipboardOwner Defines the interface for classes that will provide data to a clipboard. 
FlavorListener Defines an object which listens for FlavorEvents. 
FlavorMap A two-way Map between "natives" (Strings), which correspond to platform- specfic data formats, and "flavors" (DataFlavors), which corerspond to platform-independent MIME types. 
FlavorTable A FlavorMap which relaxes the traditional 1-to-1 restriction of a Map. 
Transferable Defines the interface for classes that can be used to provide data for a transfer operation. 


Clipboard A class that implements a mechanism to transfer data using cut/copy/paste operations. 
DataFlavor A DataFlavor provides meta information about data. 
FlavorEvent FlavorEvent is used to notify interested parties that available DataFlavors have changed in the Clipboard (the event source). 
StringSelection A Transferable which implements the capability required to transfer a String
SystemFlavorMap The SystemFlavorMap is a configurable map between "natives" (Strings), which correspond to platform-specific data formats, and "flavors" (DataFlavors), which correspond to platform-independent MIME types. 


MimeTypeParseException A class to encapsulate MimeType parsing related exceptions 
UnsupportedFlavorException Signals that the requested data is not supported in this flavor.