The AutoBean framework provides automatically-generated implementations of bean-like interfaces and a low-level serialization mechanism for those interfaces. AutoBeans can be used in both client and server code to improve code re-use.


AutoBean<T> A controller for an implementation of a bean interface. 
AutoBeanFactory A tag interface for the AutoBean generator. 
AutoBeanVisitor.CollectionPropertyContext A PropertyContext that describes the parameterization of the Collection being visited. 
AutoBeanVisitor.Context Reserved for future expansion to avoid API breaks. 
AutoBeanVisitor.MapPropertyContext A PropertyContext that describes the parameterization of the Map being visited. 
AutoBeanVisitor.PropertyContext Allows properties to be reset. 
Splittable This interface provides an abstraction around the underlying data model (JavaScriptObject, org.json, or XML) used to encode an AutoBeanCodex payload. 


AutoBeanCodex Utility methods for encoding an AutoBean graph into a JSON-compatible string. 
AutoBeanUtils Utility methods for working with AutoBeans. 
AutoBeanVisitor Allows traversal of an AutoBean object graph. 
ValueCodex Provides unified encoding and decoding of value objects.