Support package for manipulating CSS resources.


ClassRenamer Renames class selectors to their obfuscated names. 
CssGenerationVisitor Generates a static CSS template string and provides information on where to inject dynamic expressions. 
DefsCollector Collects the names of all user-defined @def constants in the stylesheet. 
ExternalClassesCollector Collects all @external declarations in the stylesheet. 
ExtractClassNamesVisitor Collect all CSS class names in a stylesheet. 
GenerateCssAst Generates a CssStylesheet from the contents of a URL. 
IfEvaluator Statically evaluates @if rules. 
InterfaceGenerator A utility class for creating a Java interface declaration for a given CSS file. 
MergeIdenticalSelectorsVisitor Merges rules that have matching selectors. 
MergeRulesByContentVisitor Merges rules that have identical content. 
Minify This is a command-line utility to minify a GWT CSS stylesheet. 
RequirementsCollector Analyzes a stylesheet to update the ClientBundleRequirements interface. 
RtlVisitor Applies RTL transforms to a stylesheet. 
SplitRulesVisitor Splits rules with compound selectors into multiple rules. 
Spriter Replaces CssSprite nodes with CssRule nodes that will display the sprited image. 
SubstitutionCollector Collects all user-defined constant nodes in the stylesheet. 
SubstitutionReplacer Substitute symbolic replacements into string values.