Classes for aggregating static resources into bundles. This package contains classes to aggregate and minify static resources into bundles that will be downloaded in a single request. Bundling resources decreases the number of requests sent to the server, improving application performance and load time.


ClientBundle The use of this interface is similar to that of ImageBundle. 
ClientBundleWithLookup This is an extension of ClientBundle that allows for name-based lookup of resources. 
CssResource Aggregates and minifies CSS stylesheets. 
DataResource A non-text resource. 
ExternalTextResource Identical to TextResource, except the contents of the resource are not inlined into the compiled output. 
GwtCreateResource<T> This resource type allows any class that can be instantiated via a call to create(Class) to be used within an ClientBundle. 
ImageResource Provides access to image resources at runtime. 
ResourceCallback<R extends ResourcePrototype> A callback interface for asynchronous operations on resources. 
ResourcePrototype The base interface all bundle resource types must extend. 
TextResource A resource that contains text that should be incorporated into the compiled output. 
TextResourceCallback This interface is deprecated. use ResourceCallback directly  


CommonResources Generally useful styles and resources used throughout GWT widgets and cells. 


ImageResource.RepeatStyle Indicates that an ImageResource should be bundled in such a way as to support horizontal or vertical repetition. 


ResourceException Associates a ResourcePrototype with a program error.