Shared classes used on both the client and the server side for transmitting data between the sever and the client in JSON format.


BaseProxy The root type from which all client-side proxy objects are derived. 
EntityProxy A proxy for a server-side domain object. 
EntityProxyChange.Handler<P extends EntityProxy> Implemented by methods that handle EntityProxyChange events. 
EntityProxyId<P extends EntityProxy> A stable, opaque id of an EntityProxy that remains stable across updates, creates, deletes on the client. 
InstanceRequest<P extends BaseProxy, T> Used to call instance methods. 
LoggingRequest "API Generated" request selector interface implemented by objects that give client access to the methods of Logging
ProxySerializer Serializes graphs of EntityProxy objects. 
ProxyStore A ProxyStore provides a ProxySerializer with access to a low-level persistence mechanism. 
Request<T> Implemented by the request objects created by this factory. 
RequestContext The base interface for RequestFactory service endpoints. 
RequestFactory Marker interface for the RequestFactory code generator. 
RequestTransport Abstracts the mechanism by which a RequestFactory instance transmits its payload to the backend. 
RequestTransport.TransportReceiver A callback interface. 
ServiceLocator A ServiceLocator provides instances of a type specified by a Service when Request methods declared in a RequestContextare mapped onto instance (non-static) methods. 
ValueProxy An analog to EntityProxy for domain types that do not have an identity concept. 
Violation A lightweight representation of a javax.validation.ConstraintViolation. 


DefaultProxyStore An in-memory ProxyStore store that can encode its state as a JSON object literal. 
EntityProxyChange<P extends EntityProxy> Abstract base class for an event announcing changes to an EntityProxy
Locator<T, I> A Locator allows entity types that do not conform to the RequestFactory entity protocol to be used. 
Receiver<V> Callback object for fire(Receiver) and fire(Receiver)
ServerFailure Describes a request failure on the server. 


WriteOperation The enum used in EntityProxyChange