Server side classes for mediating between the client side and the persistent datastore. This package contains classes that can receive client side read and write requests in the JSON format, perform the necessary operations on the persistent datastore, and return the results in JSON format.


ExceptionHandler Handles an exception produced while processing a request. 
RequestFactoryInterfaceValidator.Loader Abstracts the mechanism by which class files are loaded. 


DefaultExceptionHandler Default implementation for handling exceptions thrown while processing a request. 
Logging Server side object that handles log messages sent by RequestFactoryLogHandler
RequestFactoryInterfaceValidator Encapsulates validation logic to determine if a RequestFactory interface, its RequestContext, and associated EntityProxy interfaces match their domain counterparts. 
RequestFactoryInterfaceValidator.ClassLoaderLoader An implementation of RequestFactoryInterfaceValidator.ClassLoaderLoader that uses a ClassLoader to retrieve the class files. 
RequestFactoryServlet Handles GWT RequestFactory JSON requests. 
ServiceLayer The ServiceLayer mediates all interactions between the SimpleRequestProcessor and the domain environment. 
ServiceLayerDecorator Users that intend to alter how RequestFactory interacts with the domain environment can extend this type and provide it to create(ServiceLayerDecorator)
SimpleRequestProcessor Processes request payloads from a RequestFactory client.