Classes that parse XML attribute values, turning them into valid Java expressions.


AttributeParser Attribute parsers are classes that parse xml attribute values, turning them into valid Java expressions. 


AttributeParsers Managers access to all implementations of AttributeParser
BundleAttributeParser This class is deprecated. soon to die, replaced by brace expressions  
BundleAttributeParsers Manages BundleAttributeParsers, which provide the deprecated res:style{style.pretty} feature. 
CssNameConverter Converts css class names to a form safe to use as a Java identifier. 
FieldReferenceConverter Deals with field references, e.g. 
LengthAttributeParser Parses a CSS length value (e.g., "2em", "50%"), returning a comma-separated (double, Unit) pair. 


CssNameConverter.Failure Thrown by convertSet(Set) on name collision. 
FieldReferenceConverter.IllegalFieldReferenceException May be thrown by the FieldReferenceConverter.Delegate for badly formatted input.