A package for managing bookmarkable locations in an application.


PlaceChangeEvent.Handler Implemented by handlers of PlaceChangeEvent. 
PlaceChangeRequestEvent.Handler Implemented by handlers of PlaceChangeRequestEvent. 
PlaceController.Delegate Optional delegate in charge of Window-related events. 
PlaceHistoryHandler.Historian Optional delegate in charge of History related events. 
PlaceHistoryMapper Maps Places to/from tokens, used to configure a PlaceHistoryHandler
PlaceHistoryMapperWithFactory<F> A PlaceHistoryMapper that can get its PlaceTokenizer instances from a factory. 
PlaceTokenizer<P extends Place> Implemented by objects responsible for text serialization and deserialization of Place objects. 


Place Represents a bookmarkable location in an app. 
PlaceChangeEvent Event thrown when the user has reached a new location in the app. 
PlaceChangeRequestEvent Event thrown when the user may go to a new place in the app, or tries to leave it. 
PlaceController In charge of the user's location in the app. 
PlaceController.DefaultDelegate Default implementation of PlaceController.DefaultDelegate, based on Window
PlaceHistoryHandler Monitors PlaceChangeEvents and History events and keep them in sync. 
PlaceHistoryHandler.DefaultHistorian Default implementation of PlaceHistoryHandler.DefaultHistorian, based on History