JUnitShell.Strategy A strategy for running the test. 
RunStyleSelenium.SeleniumWrapper Wraps a Selenium instance. 


BatchingStrategy An interface that specifies how tests should be batched. 
CompileStrategy An interface that specifies how modules should be compiled. 
FakeMessagesMaker Helper to make a fake implementation of any Messages interface via reflection, for use in JUnit tests. 
GWTMockUtilities Defangs create(Class) to allow unit tests to mock out Widgets and other UIObjects. 
JUnitMessageQueue A message queue to pass data between JUnitShell and JUnitHostImpl in a thread-safe manner. 
JUnitMessageQueue.ClientInfoExt Server-side client info that includes a description. 
JUnitMessageQueue.ClientStatus Holds the state of an individual client. 
JUnitShell This class is responsible for hosting JUnit test case execution. 
PropertyDefiningStrategy A JUnitShell.Strategy that will alter the module the tests are run in by defining module properties as requested by annotations on the tests. 
RunStyle An abstract class that handles the details of launching a browser. 
RunStyleHtmlUnit Launches a web-mode test via HTMLUnit. 
RunStyleHtmlUnit.HtmlUnitThread Runs HTMLUnit in a separate thread. 
RunStyleSelenium Runs via browsers managed by Selenium. 


Platform An enum to indicate the Platform where a test should run. 


JUnitFatalLaunchException When thrown, no test in the current module can possibly succeed.