Internationalization support for GWT applications. GWT includes a flexible set of tools to help you internationalize your applications and libraries. GWT internationalization support provides a variety of techniques to internationalize strings, typed values, and classes.


AutoDirectionHandler.Target The interface an object must implement in order to add an AutoDirectionHandler to it. 
Constants A tag interface that facilitates locale-sensitive, compile-time binding of constant values supplied from properties files. 
ConstantsWithLookup Like Constants, a tag interface that facilitates locale-sensitive, compile-time binding of constant values supplied from properties files with the added ability to look up constants at runtime with a string key. 
CurrencyData Information about a currency. 
CustomDateTimeFormat Create a custom localized date/time format at compile time. 
DateTimeFormatInfo Information required for formatting and parsing localized date/time values. 
HasDirection A widget that implements this interface has the ability to override the document directionality for its root element. 
Localizable A tag interface that serves as the root of a family of types used in static internationalization. 
LocalizableResource This is the common superinterface to Messages and Constants. 
LocalizedNames Provides an API for obtaining localized names for a locale. 
Messages A tag interface that facilitates locale-sensitive, compile-time binding of messages supplied from various sources.Using GWT.create(class) to "instantiate" an interface that extends Messages returns an instance of an automatically generated subclass that is implemented using message templates selected based on locale. 
PluralRule The interface that plural rules must implement. 


AutoDirectionHandler Utility class for handling auto-direction adjustment. 
BidiPolicy Provides low-level functionality to determine whether to support bidi. 
BidiPolicy.BidiPolicyImpl Implementation class for BidiPolicy
BidiPolicy.BidiPolicyImplOn Implementation class for BidiPolicy used when bidi is always on. 
BidiUtils A set of bidi-related utility methods. 
CurrencyList Generated class containing all the CurrencyImpl instances. 
DateTimeFormat Formats and parses dates and times using locale-sensitive patterns. 
DefaultCurrencyData A default CurrencyData implementation, so new methods can be added to the interface without breaking implementors if a reasonable default is available. 
DefaultDateTimeFormatInfo Default implementation of DateTimeFormatInfo interface, using values from the CLDR root locale. 
DefaultLocalizedNames Default LocalizedNames implementation. 
DefaultLocalizedNamesBase Base class of DefaultLocalizedNames, used just to isolate all hand-written code here from all generated code. 
Dictionary Provides dynamic string lookup of key/value string pairs defined in a module's host HTML page. 
LocaleInfo Provides access to the currently-active locale and the list of available locales. 
NumberFormat Formats and parses numbers using locale-sensitive patterns. 
PluralRule.PluralForm Information about the plural forms supported by this rule which will be used during code generation and by tools to provide information to translators. 
TimeZone The TimeZone class implements a time zone information source for client applications. 
TimeZoneInfo A JavaScript Overlay type on top of the JSON data describing everything we need to know about a particular timezone. 


DateTimeFormat.PredefinedFormat Predefined date/time formats -- see CustomDateTimeFormat if you need some format that isn't supplied here. 
HasDirection.Direction Possible return values for getDirection() and parameter values for setDirection(Direction).Widgets that implement this interface can either have a direction that is right-to-left (RTL), left-to-right (LTR), or default (which means that their directionality is inherited from their parent widget).