A framework for editing bean-like objects.


CompositeEditor<T, C, E extends Editor<C>> An interface that indicates that a given Editor is composed of an unknown number of sub-Editors all of the same type. 
CompositeEditor.EditorChain<C, E extends Editor<C>> Allows instances of the component type to be attached to the Editor framework. 
Editor<T> Describes an editor whose behavior is not altered by the value being displayed. 
EditorDelegate<T> Binds an individual Editor to the backing service. 
EditorError Allows invalid Editor state to be propagated through an Editor hierarchy. 
HasEditorDelegate<T> Indicates that an Editor requires an EditorDelegate. 
HasEditorErrors<T> Editors that wish to be notified about ConstraintViolations in the value being edited should implement this interface. 
IsEditor<E extends Editor<?>> Extended by view objects that wish to participate in an Editor hierarchy, but that do not implement the Editor contract directly. 
LeafValueEditor<T> Used to edit non-object or immutable values. 
SimpleBeanEditorDriver<T, E extends Editor<? super T>> Automates editing of simple bean-like objects. 
ValueAwareEditor<T> Editors whose behavior changes based on the value being edited will implement this interface.