Classes for low-level DOM programming. This package contains classes that expose the W3C standard HTML document object model for programmatic access and manipulation of HTML pages directly in client-side Java source, accounting for most browser variations. These classes provide an efficient, type-safe, and IDE-friendly alternative to writing JavaScript Native Interface (JSNI) methods for many common tasks.

These classes extend JavaScriptObject, which enables them to be used directly as Java types without introducing any object-oriented size or speed overhead beyond the underlying JavaScript objects they represent. Consequently, these DOM classes are efficient enough to be used directly when maximum performance is required and are lightweight enough to serve as the basic building blocks upon which widget libraries may be constructed.


Style.HasCssName Interface to be implemented by enumerated CSS values. 


AnchorElement The anchor element. 
AreaElement Client-side image map area definition. 
AudioElement Audio element. 
BaseElement Document base URI. 
BodyElement The HTML document body. 
BRElement Force a line break. 
ButtonElement Push button. 
CanvasElement Canvas element. 
DivElement Generic block container. 
DListElement Definition list. 
Document A Document is the root of the HTML hierarchy and holds the entire content. 
Element All HTML element interfaces derive from this class. 
EventTarget Represents the target of a JavaScript event. 
FieldSetElement Organizes form controls into logical groups. 
FormElement The FORM element encompasses behavior similar to a collection and an element. 
FrameElement Create a frame. 
FrameSetElement Create a grid of frames. 
HeadElement Document head information. 
HeadingElement For the H1 to H6 elements. 
HRElement Create a horizontal rule. 
IFrameElement Inline subwindows. 
ImageElement Embedded image. 
InputElement Form control. 
LabelElement Form field label text. 
LegendElement Provides a caption for a FIELDSET grouping. 
LIElement List item. 
LinkElement The LINK element specifies a link to an external resource, and defines this document's relationship to that resource (or vice versa). 
MapElement Client-side image map. 
MediaElement Common superclass for Audio and Video elements. 
MetaElement This contains generic meta-information about the document. 
ModElement Notice of modification to part of a document. 
NativeEvent The native dom event. 
Node The Node interface is the primary datatype for the entire Document Object Model. 
NodeCollection<T extends Node> An ElementCollection is a list of nodes. 
NodeList<T extends Node> The NodeList interface provides the abstraction of an ordered collection of nodes, without defining or constraining how this collection is implemented. 
ObjectElement Generic embedded object. 
OListElement Ordered list. 
OptGroupElement Group options together in logical subdivisions. 
OptionElement A selectable choice. 
ParagraphElement Paragraphs. 
ParamElement Parameters fed to the OBJECT element. 
PreElement Preformatted text. 
QuoteElement For the Q and BLOCKQUOTE elements. 
ScriptElement Script statements. 
SelectElement The select element allows the selection of an option. 
SpanElement Generic inline container. 
Style Provides programmatic access to properties of the style object. 
StyleElement Style information. 
StyleInjector Used to add stylesheets to the document. 
StyleInjector.StyleInjectorImpl The DOM-compatible way of adding stylesheets. 
StyleInjector.StyleInjectorImplIE IE doesn't allow manipulation of a style element through DOM methods. 
TableCaptionElement Table caption. 
TableCellElement The object used to represent the TH and TD elements. 
TableColElement Regroups the COL and COLGROUP elements. 
TableElement The create* and delete* methods on the table allow authors to construct and modify tables. 
TableRowElement A row in a table. 
TableSectionElement The THEAD, TFOOT, and TBODY elements. 
Text The Text interface represents textual content. 
TextAreaElement Multi-line text field. 
TitleElement The document title. 
Touch Class representing touches. 
UListElement Unordered list. 
VideoElement Video element. 


Style.BorderStyle Enum for the border-style property. 
Style.Cursor Enum for the cursor property. 
Style.Display Enum for the display property. 
Style.Float Enum for the float property. 
Style.FontStyle Enum for the font-style property. 
Style.FontWeight Enum for the font-weight property. 
Style.ListStyleType Enum for the list-style-type property. 
Style.Overflow Enum for the overflow property. 
Style.Position Enum for the display property. 
Style.TableLayout Enum for the table-layout property. 
Style.TextDecoration Enum for the text-decoration property. 
Style.Unit CSS length units. 
Style.VerticalAlign Enum for the vertical-align property. 
Style.Visibility Enum for the visibility property.