ClientWriterFactory Isolates client code from swapping out the command factory in hosted versus Production Mode. 
CommandClientSerializationStreamReader A peer to CommandServerSerializationStreamWriter. 
CommandClientSerializationStreamWriter Provides a facade around serialization logic in client code. 
CommandSerializationStreamWriterBase Contains base methods for implementing a SerializationStreamWriter. 
CommandToStringWriter Existing code assumes that a SerializationStreamWriter will export its payload via the toString() method. 
EscapeUtil Provides the JVM implementations for payload escaping. 
HasValuesCommandSink A simple CommandSink that adds observed values to a container command. 
ListCommandSink A simple CommandSink that adds observed commands to a list. 
RpcCallbackAdapter<T> Adapter from a RequestCallback interface to an AsyncCallback interface. 
RpcServiceProxy The base type for RPC proxies. 
SimplePayloadSink This implementation of CommandSink encodes RpcCommands in a simple transport format that can be interpreted by both the client and the server. 
TypeOverrides Contains serialization dispatch information for types that don't support simple serialization. 
TypeOverrides.SerializeFunction An individual entry, which is a wrapper around the CFS's serialize method. 


RemoteException A wrapper exception type indicating that the remote end threw an exception over the wire.