Log handlers and related classes for java.util.logging support in GWT.


DefaultLevel An interface for a set of classes which are used to choose the default logging level. 


ConsoleLogHandler A Handler that prints logs to the window.console - this is used by things like FirebugLite in IE, and Safari debug mode. 
DefaultLevel.All Returns Level.ALL as the default level. 
DefaultLevel.Config Returns Level.CONFIG as the default level. 
DefaultLevel.Fine Returns Level.FINE as the default level. 
DefaultLevel.Finer Returns Level.FINER as the default level. 
DefaultLevel.Finest Returns Level.FINEST as the default level. 
DefaultLevel.Info Returns Level.INFO as the default level. 
DefaultLevel.Severe Returns Level.SEVERE as the default level. 
DefaultLevel.Warning Returns Level.WARNING as the default level. 
DevelopmentModeLogHandler A Handler that prints logs to GWT.log, causing the messages to show up in the Development Mode tab in Eclipse when running in Development mode. 
FirebugLogHandler A Handler that prints logs to window.console which is used by Firebug. 
HasWidgetsLogHandler A handler which can log to any widget which extends the HasWidgets interface. 
HtmlLogFormatter Formats LogRecords into HTML. 
JsonLogRecordClientUtil A set of functions to convert SerializableLogRecords into JSON strings. 
LogConfiguration Configures client side logging using the query params and gwt.xml settings. 
LoggingPopup A simple popup to show log messages, which can be resized, minimized, and dragged to a different location. 
NullLoggingPopup A class which can be substituted in for the BasicLoggingPopup in the the gwt.xml file to disable the default popup log handler. 
NullLogHandler A Handler which does nothing. 
RemoteLogHandlerBase Base class for Logging handlers that send records to the server. 
SimpleRemoteLogHandler A very simple handler which sends messages to the server via GWT RPC to be logged. 
SystemLogHandler A Handler that prints logs to System.out or System.err. 
TextLogFormatter Formats LogRecords into 2 lines of text.