Context The context in which a CSSNode visitation occurs. 
CssVisitable Allows traversal of a CSS tree. 
HasNodes Indicates that the node contains other nodes. 
HasProperties Something that has CSS properties. 
HasSelectors Something that has CSS selectors. 


CollapsedNode This delegate class bypasses traversal of a node, instead traversing the node's children. 
CssDef A constant definition. 
CssEval A definition that is evaluated at runtime. 
CssExternalSelectors An AST node that allows the developer to indicate that certain class selectors appearing in the stylesheet should be considered external and not subject to obfuscation requirements. 
CssIf A GWTCSS if statement. 
CssMediaRule Represents an @media rule. 
CssModVisitor A visitor that can make structural modifications to a CSS tree. 
CssNode The basic type that composes a CSS tree. 
CssNodeCloner Clones CssNodes. 
CssNoFlip This is a container node to prevent the RTL visitor from affecting its child nodes. 
CssPageRule A page rule in CSS. 
CssProperty Maps a named property to a Value. 
CssProperty.DotPathValue Represents a sequence of no-arg method invocations. 
CssProperty.ExpressionValue Represents a literal Java expression. 
CssProperty.IdentValue Represents an identifier in the CSS source. 
CssProperty.ListValue Represents a space-separated list of Values. 
CssProperty.NumberValue Represents a numeric value, possibly with attached units. 
CssProperty.StringValue Represents one or more quoted string literals. 
CssProperty.TokenValue Represents a token in the CSS source. 
CssProperty.Value An abstract encapsulation of property values in GWT CSS. 
CssSelector An opaque view of a selector. 
CssSprite Represents a sprited image. 
CssStylesheet An abstract representation of a CSS stylesheet. 
CssUnknownAtRule Represents a CSS at-rule that CssResource is unable to process. 
CssUrl A reference to a DataResource that results in a url expression being inserted into the generated CSS. 
CssVisitor The base class for visiting a CSS tree.