Constants Contains a variety of AutoBean tag constants to prevent typos. 
EntityCodex.EntitySource Abstracts the process by which EntityProxies are created. 
FindRequest Request selector interface for implementing a find method. 
MessageFactoryHolder This class has a super-source version with a client-only implementation. 
Poser<T> Used to lock down mutable, non-proxy, value objects when their owning proxy is frozen. 


AbstractRequest<T> Abstract implementation of Request
AbstractRequestContext Base implementations for RequestContext services. 
AbstractRequestFactory Base type for generated RF interfaces. 
BaseProxyCategory Contains behaviors common to all proxy instances. 
EntityCodex Analogous to ValueCodex, but for object types. 
EntityProxyCategory Contains static implementation of EntityProxy-specific methods. 
IdFactory Handles common code for creating SimpleProxyIds. 
RequestData A class that encapsulates the parameters and method name to be invoked on the server. 
SimpleEntityProxyId<P extends EntityProxy> Extends SimpleProxyId with the correct parameterization to implement EntityProxyId. 
SimpleProxyId<P extends BaseProxy> The base implementation of id objects in the RequestFactory system. 
TypeLibrary Utility methods for querying, encoding, and decoding typed payload data. 
ValueProxyCategory Contains static implementation of ValueProxy-specific methods.