Classes that parse XML elements, using the context to generate widget initialization code.


ElementParser Element parsers are classes that parse xml elements, using the context to generate widget initialization code. 
HtmlMessageInterpreter.PlaceholderInterpreterProvider Provides instances of PlaceholderInterpreter, to allow customized handling of the innards of a msg element. 


AbsolutePanelParser Parses AbsolutePanel widgets. 
AttributeMessageParser This parser is not tied to a particular class of element, but rather is run as the first parser in any parser stack. 
BeanParser Utility methods for discovering bean-like properties and generating code to initialize them. 
CellPanelParser Parses CellPanel widgets. 
CustomButtonParser Parses CustomButton widgets. 
DateLabelParser Parses DateLabel widgets. 
DialogBoxParser Parses DialogBox widgets. 
DisclosurePanelParser Parses DisclosurePanel widgets. 
DockLayoutPanelParser Parses DockLayoutPanel widgets. 
DockPanelParser Parses DockPanel widgets. 
DomElementParser Parses a dom element and all of its children. 
GridParser A parser for Grid rows and cells. 
HasAlignmentParser Parses widgets that inherit from HasAlignment
HasHTMLParser Parses widgets that implement HasHTML
HasTextParser Parses widgets that implement HasText
HasTreeItemsParser Parses Tree widgets. 
HasWidgetsParser Parses any widgets that implement HasWidgets
HtmlInterpreter This is the most generally useful interpreter, and the most likely to be used by a custom parser when calling consumeInnerHtml(XMLElement.Interpreter)
HtmlMessageInterpreter Processes elements inside HTML values, which themselves are allowed to contain HTML. 
HTMLPanelParser Parses HTMLPanel widgets. 
ImageParser Custom parsing of Image widgets. 
IsEmptyParser The last parser, asserts that everything has been consumed and so the template has nothing unexpected. 
LayoutPanelParser Parses LayoutPanel widgets. 
ListBoxParser A parser for ListBox items. 
MenuBarParser Parses MenuBar widgets. 
MenuItemParser A parser for menu items. 
NullInterpreter<T> An no-op interpreter. 
NumberLabelParser Parses DateLabel widgets. 
StackLayoutPanelParser Parses StackLayoutPanel widgets. 
StackPanelParser Parses StackPanel widgets. 
TabLayoutPanelParser Parses TabLayoutPanel widgets. 
TabPanelParser Parses TabPanel widgets. 
TextInterpreter The interpreter of choice for calls to consumeInnerText(XMLElement.PostProcessingInterpreter)
TextPlaceholderInterpreter Interprets the interior of text message. 
UiChildParser Parses any children of widgets that use the UIChild annotation. 
UIObjectParser Parser of all UIObject types. 
UiTextInterpreter Interprets generic message tags like: <ui:text from="{myMsg.message}" />