Classes used in client-side implementation of remote procedure calls. Most applications will be interested in AsyncCallback, InvocationException, RemoteService, and ServiceDefTarget. The other classes in this package are used primarily in implementing RPC proxies.


AsyncCallback<T> The primary interface a caller must implement to receive a response from a remote procedure call. 
HasRpcToken An interface implemented by client-side RPC proxy objects. 
IsSerializable Marker interface indicating that a type is intended to be used with a RemoteService
RemoteService Marker interface that RPC interfaces should extend. 
RpcToken An interface for RPC token implementation objects included with each RPC call. 
RpcTokenExceptionHandler Handles an exception produced while processing RpcToken
SerializationStreamFactory An interface for creating SerializationStreamReaders and SerializationStreamWriters. 
SerializationStreamReader An interface for reading values from a stream. 
SerializationStreamWriter An interface for writing values into a stream. 
ServiceDefTarget An interface implemented by client-side RPC proxy objects. 


RpcRequestBuilder This class encapsulates the logic necessary to configure a RequestBuilder for use with an RPC proxy object. 


IncompatibleRemoteServiceException Exception that will be passed to the onFailure(Throwable) method when an incompatibility is detected between a RemoteService client and its corresponding RemoteService server. 
InvocationException Occurs when a service invocation did not complete cleanly. 
RpcTokenException Exception that will be passed to the onRpcTokenException(RpcTokenException) method when RPC token processing resulted in an error. 
SerializableException This class is deprecated. As of GWT 1.5, Exception implements Serializable and can be used in place of this class  
SerializationException Base exception type for errors relating to the serialization stream. 
ServiceDefTarget.NoServiceEntryPointSpecifiedException This exception is thrown when a service is invoked without setServiceEntryPoint(String) having been called. 
StatusCodeException Indicates that an RPC response was returned with an invalid HTTP status code.