Shared infrastructure underlying both browser and non-browser events. Types within this package do not use JSNI and do not have static (even indirect) dependencies upon types which use JSNI.


EventHandler Marker interface for event handlers. 
HandlerRegistration Registration returned from a call to addHandler(, EventHandler)
HasHandlers An object that implements this interface has a collection of event handlers associated with it. 


DefaultHandlerRegistration This class is deprecated. with no replacement; this class is no longer used by any GWT code  
EventBus Dispatches GwtEvents to interested parties. 
GwtEvent<H extends EventHandler> Root of all GWT events. 
GwtEvent.Type<H> Type class used to register events with the HandlerManager
HandlerManager Manager responsible for adding handlers to event sources and firing those handlers on passed in events. 
ResettableEventBus Wraps an EventBus to hold on to any HandlerRegistrations, so that they can easily all be cleared at once. 
SimpleEventBus Basic implementation of EventBus


UmbrellaException A RuntimeException that collects a Set of child Throwables together.